Crucchi Gang @ St. Michaelis Kirche

Music that celebrates our great love of Italy and sounds like summer, disco, ice cream and, yes!, Europe. The idea was born in Berlin, sometime after attending a Bob Dylan concert, while Charlotte Goltermann, Sven Regener and Francesco Wilking were drinking beer together: German-speaking musicians sing their own songs in Italian and a record is born! And here it is. Welcome to the “Crucchi Gang”!

Wilking, a member of Die Höchste Eisenbahn, presents together with Sven Regener (Element Of Crime), Matthias Rode (Von Wegen Lisbeth), Steiner & Madlaina and Tobias Bamborschke (Isolation Berlin), songs by all participants (and many more) in Italian at the Michel, thus not only trying to banish the negative connotation from the eponymous term (Germans are derisively called “Crucchi” in Italian, which in singular can also mean something like “limited” or “pigheaded”), but also to promote a little transcultural bridge-building. With a lot of amore and passione, of course.