Music / Hip-Hop/Rap, R'n'B/Soul / Germany

At only nine years old, Akua Naru had her first encounter with hip hop culture through her uncle. At the same time, she went to church with her grandmother, meeting strong women from her community that sparked her interest in the revolutionary ideas of Angela Davis and Malcolm X. Both influences mark the birth of an artist who likes to stand out, try something new, dare to do the unexpected. Who doesn’t let anyone tell her what an MC or poet can or cannot do. Rap and R’n’B, jazz and soul, her own biography and the ongoing global fight against racism – all these are elements that feed Naru’s music. In the 2010s, three of the great albums in the conscious hip hop genre were hers. Today she is one of the most visionary rappers of the United States, embodying a consciousness for empowerment across all social, racial and cultural lines like few others.

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