Bavarian Export Session

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From Bavaria non-stop to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and from there to the world: four young music projects will be introduced at the Reeperbahn Festival as part of the Bavarian Export Session.

The session is presented by VPBy (Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.), one of the leading promoters of pop music in Germany, which unites more than 140 clubs, events, festivals etc. under its roof.

In this year’s digital edition, we present the passionate pop-punk of Lonely Spring, including full-body action, as well as the sweetly smoky slacker sound of a telquist. There is wonderfully sequenced electronica between trip-hop, house and synth cascades by Umme Block, but also stunning “Melancholic Love Shit” by songwriter Elena Rud, whose unique voice already ranks on world class level. Definitely something for everyone to discover.

We recommend: grab a typical Bavarian wheat beer and enjoy the show.

This showcase will be continuously available as Video On Demand.

00:10 / Elena Rud
09:38 / Lonely Spring
19:21 / Umme Block
30:43 / Telquist

Presented by: Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.