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Experiments give birth to technologies, and innovations emerge from daring – nowhere is this more evident than in Berlin. For decades, the capital city has been a melting pot of fresh ideas and our digital showcase more than lives up to this reputation. In the Event Space Berlin, three of the groundbreaking projects will present their timeless sound during a trip through the connections between art and research, between club and computer.

The breaking with existing conventions and listening habits will be celebrated by the meanwhile Europe-wide celebrated duo ÄTNA, the trendsetting DJ-guitarist symbiosis Robin Sukroso as well as the bass-affine jazz reformation of the combo Bobby Rausch, all professionally filmed by the new platform What is musically feasible beyond the traditional and how confidently the growing field of DIY artists is clearing up the artistic field from behind, is revealed here in impressive shows.

The Event Space Berlin is made possible with the kind support of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH.

This showcase will be continuously available as Video On Demand.

00:09 / Robin Sukroso
11:52 / ÄTNA
19:59 / Bobby Rausch

Presented by: Berlin Partner