Music / Indie / Germany

As if he’s spent the past years doing nothing else, Betterov sings of breaking away from the mundane, of longing for what’s out there – and actually, that’s precisely what his past few years have been filled with. Since 2015, the songwriter has been honing his skill for the meaningful spaces between the lines and discovering melodies that uplift and blow away all of our vague fears and troubles. He came up in the theater scene and has played numerous clubs in Berlin and Hamburg, where his confident appearances have never failed to drop jaws. Who is that man? In his first singles “Dynamit” and “Angst”, he gives us vague answers to that question: A seeker, a humble poet with a guitar and a resigned voice, one who can resolve the contradictions of our world with a fistful of words. Betterov has found an emergency exit among the smoke and mirrors. And when audiences hear his debut EP Viertel vor Irgendwas, they will want to follow him in droves.