Music / Indie, Pop / Germany

Festivals not only gather the greatest musicians – sometimes they also give birth to them. Bilbao are the best example. When the four young indie rockers from Berlin and Hamburg spent a night at last year’s Reeperbahn Festival, they went out for drinks and eventually began developing the idea of their own band. What started as a blurry, drunken vision soon became rock solid. All four already had experience in the music business, had founded various bands and stood on stage supporting the likes of Samy Deluxe, Ilgen-Nur, Leoniden and Hundreds. All without gaining much publicity. So the lively four-piece doesn’t expect anyone to roll out a red carpet quite yet. As Bilbao, they’re out to eventually become headliners themselves, which shouldn’t be a problem with airy, summery songs such as “Tired Awake” or “Lifted”. The first EP Isola is ready to drop and is sure to pull audiences into a reverie when performed live.

Presented by: ARTE Concert