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An insight into 25 years of music promotion

Those who have experienced and survived the last 25 years in the music business have the experience, professionalism, composure, good contacts, the courage to change – and can tell damn good stories. From the Britpop battle between Oasis and Blur to the explosion of good German-language lyrics from the Hamburg School, from the introduction of that glittering thing called CD to the champagne jubilation of the turn of the millennium – to the current situation where so much is in question. While title stories in print and A-Rotation on the radio were still deciding on golden records in the 1990s, the media landscape today is much more fragmented and the paths to success are quite different. Carsten Stricker is the founder and managing director of PR agency Verstärker, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary and counts acts such as Oasis and Noel Gallagher, Patti Smith, The Prodigy, Pet Show Boys, Faithless, Bryan Ferry, Arctic Monkeys and Bon Iver among its clients. In his keynote interview he talks about his experiences from 25 years.

This session will be held in German.