Music / Indie / Germany

Taboos have never been their thing, and they certainly don’t filter their opinions like bourgeois society would have her do. Raised in a highly musical environment, Lotta and Nina Kummer learned early on to see conventions for what they are: obstacles. And so they formed Blond together with their old friend Johann Bonitz, in order to do whatever they pleased: pumping pop hooks through a DIY filter, switching playfully between punk, rock, rap and choir music, but always with an intriguing air of sarcasm and fully embracing their independence. So it’s actually indie? No, that would be too simple a description. Their debut Martini Sprite offers an unusual combination of influences just like the title would suggest. Far beyond tired cliches, the three-piece dances between genres with authentic honesty, flipping off sexism and chauvinisms of all kinds with their versatile sound. This is not just fresh, cheeky pop music, but rather a clever manifesto for empowerment and emancipation.