Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Germany

Intuition, a laptop, and a few days off – that’s all BLVTH needs to generate goosebumps for three minutes straight. The Berlin-based singer and DIY producer started remixing and writing songs a few years back, simply because he felt like it. But soon it became obvious that his sense for catchy hooks and proper sound design doesn’t belong to any era, trend, or style. Tracks such as the summery, flowing “Mars”, the cool reverb ballad “Snow on Blue”, or the painfully honest diary entry “Disarray” speak of an artist who keeps being reborn through his music – music that sounds so disarmingly spontaneous and unfiltered, and that delivers trap, pop, and downtempo so skillfully that you feel things you didn’t know you could. And sure, BLVTH has already collaborated with the likes of Casper, Cashmere Cat, and Marteria – but that’s by the by. This man is his own mentor, though he is humble and genuinely passionate in his approach.


Presented by: Wunderkinder – German Music Talent