Music / Pop / Germany

When DENA comes on and the first droplets of bass drip from the speakers, you might think you’re listening to an up and coming sensation from the Los Angeles underground. But Deniza Todorova hails from Bulgaria. She moved to vibrant Berlin in the 2010s and released her debut Flash in 2014. The young beatsmith layers crimson, glowing vocals with instrumental samples, velvety pads and sensual guitar licks that take you on a sunny ride through the busy streets of the German capital. Sometimes it sounds like electropop, sometimes like summery folk, then there’s hints of unconventional R&B, or it’s all of the above at the same time. The notorious tastemakers Mansions & Millions were all ears, going on to release her second album If It’s Written – another big step forward in DENA’s career. The album title is based on a Bulgarian saying that speaks of trusting in the stars and in the idea that everything happens for a reason. Probably the best message for these uncertain times.

Presented by: Keychange – Empower Women In Music