Summer must be loud

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Stephan Thanscheidt talks about festivals in 2020

There are many symbolic images that illustrate the events of recent months and the state of the live entertainment industry. But one thing has been burned in: The image of the band Hurricane Swim Team, playing alone and without an audience on the meadow in Scheeßel, where the Hurricane Festival normally takes place. On bass and with a posture that expresses great passion for music: Stephan Thanscheidt. He is CEO of FKP Scorpio and responsible for the festival business. With offices in nearly a dozen countries and over 300 employees, with festivals such as Hurricane, Southside, Highfield, Greenfield or Best Kept Secret, FKP Scorpio is the largest festival organiser in Europe – and has been condemned to a standstill since March. In his keynote interview, he talks about these sides of his professional life, the development of new festival brands and the assertion of the perennials on the market. But he will also talk about FKP Scorpio as a provider of employment and training.

This session will be held in German.