To fear change

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…is to fear being challenged. Stages of an unusual career

Tina Funk says of herself that she has never worked with a product before, but always with people only. An important sentence for a top manager who asserts herself in an industry full of product managers and casting stars. Since 2018, she has been Managing Director Publishing, GSA for Concord Music, whose CEO Scott Pascucci says it is the fifth-largest music company in the world. To the publishing work experience, Tina Funk adds workin experience from the label business, which she developed as SVP Music at EMI and as Managing Director of Mute Records. Two consecutive five year periods between publishing and label brought her to founding a company with one of the leading law firms in copyright and media law and then building up the German Dependence of VEVO as General Manager. This team play, based on trust, characterises the work of Tina Funk. And her desire for change is demonstrated by the quote from football legend Ty Howard mentioned in the title, which is one of her favourite sayings.

This session will be held in German.