GVL for Artists

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You are a musician and your recordings are played on the radio?

As one of the largest collecting societies in Europe, we generate earnings for our rights owners i. e. from German radio stations, web radio stations and mobile device manufacturers and distribute the royalties due to you several times a year.

All you have to do to earn your money: Sign a free agreement with the GVL and let us know which productions you have been involved in online.

You need practical advice on reporting in the online portal meine.gvl and the new features? You have questions about the GVL’s management of rights abroad or the distribution plan?

In this workshop you will learn how to search for productions, how to create your contributions and how to integrate the ongoing reporting into your daily life. In addition, we will introduce new processes that went live with the launch of meine.gvl this year.

This session will be held in German.