The Power of the Collective.

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How individual artists* can benefit from all-female teams

What happens if you feel that you do not fit into any system? Exactly, you create your own system! Or better said, your own setting in which you feel comfortable in the long term. For a long time producer Maxi Menot and songwriter Susanne Geisler tried to adapt to existing structures, to get a foot in the major industry. Until they realized that in order to be successful and happy, they had to find their own niche. This requires a view beyond the horizon, a good, sustainable network and the will to compromise and teamwork. In 2019, the two found Edition B+, with which they want to help female songwriters in particular to gain more visibility in the business. Using the album “Northern Tales” as an example, the first all-female cooperation realized in collaboration with the female composer collective track15, PR consultant Alexandra Helena Becht, the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the Initiative Musik, the two show that it is possible to realize projects of this size without a major company, true to the motto “Together we are stronger! They talk about how they organize themselves, how collective work works, how to make acquisitions that feel good, what you can do if no orders come in (yet) and you still want to advance in your career.

Job profiles that are addressed in this panel: songwriter, tracker, editor, film musician, production music composer, theatre music, sync agents, publisher.

This session is held in German.