Music / Electronic/Live, Indie / Germany

The path from her first YouTube video in 2007 to her debut album This Silence Kills four years later was not an easy one. But Dominique Dillon de Byington walked it anyway. As a self-taught pianist and singer, she developed her own sonic language from the start, quickly leaving the pop vocabulary of most other songwriters in the dust while incorporating ambient, house and, on The Unknown, even hints of techno. No surprise that she made it onto the roster of Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control. But Dillon’s dark, silky and surreally sentimental sound didn’t stop there. Instead it matured, kept evolving, became more distinct and eventually culminated in the creative liberation of Kind. A tons-heavy writer’s block was lifted from her shoulders. The result reflects nightly walks through her own mental world, full of memories and longing, somewhere between falling in love and falling apart. Moving forward, wanting, growing – into one of the most fascinating expressions of true DIY art with pop appeal.