Don’t be afraid? How to productively deal with anxiety about our future

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Being afraid is usually something you don’t peddle in the music business. Everything is going, makes buck, becomes great. When this unpleasant feeling of anxiety overcomes you, then it is a private matter. That’s interesting, because scientifically speaking it’s not true that there are an above-average number of neurotics in the industry. No, we are in one of those industries where a certain amount of unpredictability and stress in all its different forms is part of daily business and therefore fear comes naturally. Most people know, few people say. Corona has done us a favour in this respect: the industry is suddenly collectively in crisis and whether neurotics or not: everyone is scared somehow. About the future, existence, self-realisation, career. Totally official and super uncool. So let’s seize the opportunity, be afraid, and learn to deal with it.

This session will be held in German.