Music / Pop, Rock / Germany

It didn’t take Max Gruber long to go from lone wolf in provincial Germany to urban romantic in a surprising new wave of German rock music. Driven by the angst-laden feeling of youthful disorientation, Gruber’s Drangsal established a style on the first two albums Harieschaim and Zores that combined the best of past and present: fat synths, post-punk-esque guitar lines and juicy reverb on the vocals, which are at least as erotic in German as they are in English. And everything is impeccably produced, of course. Gruber has been seemingly ever-present in the media since then, presenting shimmering pop portraits that shine a light on his inner workings like disco balls light up the gym walls at a never-ending prom. The Gothic dandy is set to release new material in 2020 – and it will undoubtedly be another soundtrack for unforgettable moments that haven’t happened yet.