Music / Indie, Punk / Germany

Even when things aren’t going your way, hold your head up high and be at peace with yourself. This is the optimistic attitude that permeates the lively surf punk of Drens, four lads from the German city of Dortmund. It’s an attitude that strikes a chord especially in 2020. The four-piece’s music may be the perfect soundtrack to a sunny summer day by the lake, but the lyrics deal with darker themes such as mortality (“Wilhelm Be Gone”), self-doubt (“Yellow Teeth”) and alienation (“No”) – a contrast that Drens know how to use to great effect, sometimes pushing their sound into a bittersweet direction. But when the boys take to the stage in their fire-truck red pants, they always tear the roof off. Their latest contribution to humorous, yet honest punk music, the EP Pet Peeves, deserves all the enthusiastic reactions it’s getting online.

Presented by: Wunderkinder – German Music Talent