Film / Germany

Hamburg premiere

Q&A with producer Paulina Lorenz and leading actors Banafshe Hourmazdi and Benjamin Radjaipour after the screening.

Parvis grows up as the child of the millennium generation in the comfortable affluence of his Iranian parents. He tries to escape from the provincial life in Hildesheim through pop culture, Grindr dates and raves. After being caught shoplifting, he does community service as a translator at a refugee home. There he meets the Iranian siblings Banafshe and Amon. A fragile triangle relationship develops which is increasingly marked by the awareness that their future in Germany is unequal.

In “Futur Drei”, his autobiographic debut as a director, Faraz Shariat tells us authentically and at the same time strangely excessively about the queer growing up of an immigrant son in Germany. The Film won, among others, the Teddy Award at the Berlinale.

Director: Faraz Shariat
Production year: 2020
Running time: 92 minutes
Language: German original version