Future skills. What are the must haves for leaders?

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New Work Leadership, Digital Leadership, Remote Leadership, Agile Leadership, Female Leadership, Mindful Leadership, Creative Leadership – the list of leadership concepts is long, but what is really behind it?

To what extent has the idea of leadership changed? And what does that mean for managers? Which types of managers will be in demand in the future? What digital and non-digital skills will be required? Which tools do managers need to master? Which mindset is required? How can one lead in transformation, change and innovation processes? How do managers prepare themselves for the digital age, for remote work, agile working, collaboration? What is expected in the future? And what is already being considered when filling key positions? What does the manager of the future look like? Do we still need them at all?

Manager, leadership expert and business coach Rebecka Heinz and life and empowerment coach Mira Hausmann are going to discuss these questions with Tina Funk, Managing Director of Concord Music, Silke Kreiling, Executive Director of diffferent, a strategy agency and design consultancy, and Gina Lacroix, Senior Consultant at i-potentials, a recruitment consultancy specializing in executive search in the digital age.

This session will be held in German.