Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Germany

It may be a male-dominated genre, but German rap has become increasingly female in the past years, and Haszcara has played a significant part in that process since her debut. Released with the tastemakers at Audiolith, Polaris is a true concept album full of character and the courage to switch things up – and Haszcara wouldn’t be where she is today without those two traits. The native of the city of Göttingen has always been driven by her political dedication and her ambition to be a catalyst for social change, but also by an unrelenting urge to produce solid beats and lyrics. At the same time, she remains discerning when deciding via which channels she shares killer tracks such as “Lauter Rapper” and “Niemand der so redet”. The quality of her output speaks for itself, whichever platform she chooses: As her Hautnah EP proves, this isn’t someone quickly pumping out superficial studio work. Who needs mascara when you can have Haszcara instead, crafting intelligent, genuine rap and redefining honesty and realness in this industry.