No hobby, but also no job.

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The way to a self-determined existence as an artist

There is no guide-line for a life as a pop musician. Let alone a guide-line shedding light on the social, economic and personal ups and downs beforehand. For that, life as such and the life of an artist in specific is far too complicated – however, at the end of the day, it’s this very uncertainty which has its own charm and gives space for inspiration. The Folkwang Institute for Pop Music in Bochum does not try to define that one particular way to pursue for the young musicians. It’s rather the multiple variations of ways helping them to be mentally and structurally strong to choose themselves the very one fitting them – without any fears, only with the right doubts, but first and foremost, with a lot of vigour and joy in their artistic work, which is in the centre during their time at the institute. How exactly that is happening in an academic-artistic everyday-life is what we will be talking about here.