Music / Indie, Pop / United Kingdom

If NSYNC had walked into a good techno club by mistake during their heyday, the sound of KOKO could have been born and praised already in the nineties. But it’s good for the three-piece from Bristol that this didn’t come to pass back then. Oliver Garland, Ashley C and Harry Dobson create a combination of boyband sound and club beats, spreading such good vibes with tracks such as “Eyes So Wide” and “Freak” that it seems like they’ve done nothing else in the past years. Actually their debut EP only released in 2020 and went unnoticed by many, especially because KOKO take a relaxed approach to the music business. But the boys do have the ambition to create music that you could blast in the faces of a sweaty house party crowd at four in the morning. And if they continue like this, many will do just that.

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