Korea Spotlight 2020 – Online

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It has been more than clear for many years now that South Korea can easily keep up with the local music scene. But at the Korea Spotlight 2020 Showcase, six innovative acts will once again show why this technologically advanced country is looking further and bolder into the future than ever before.

From the wicked experimental trap of the collective Balming Tiger to Lim Kim’s pop deconstructions and the incredible songwriting of Airy, from the lively pop trio OurR to the contemporary city rock of the band Coremagazine or the playful reformers of Korean music tradition Sangjaru, absolutely no wishes remain unfulfilled in terms of fresh ideas.

The showcase will be presented by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

This showcase will be continuously available as Video On Demand.

00:10 / OurR
09:34 / SANGJARU
18:49 / AIRY
36:32 / Lim Kim
43:33 / Balming Tiger

Presented by: Korea Creative Content Agency