Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Berlin, Germany

Having empathy and unconditionally loving our neighbor: Many artists have tried to place these at the core of their message. But LIE NING fills this universal ideal with authenticity and life like only few of his contemporaries can. In an era of fundamental change, the Berlin singer, dancer, actor, photographer und director offers true comfort with the soulful synth-pop of his debut EP Traffic Songs for the Inbetweens, and even gives us reasons to be happy – about his music, but also his general aura of positivity. Thanks to his velvety voice, the incredibly smooth production of songs such as “Tonight” and “Secret Island”, and especially his winning charisma, LIE NING creates an artistic space between pop, soul and electronica where attentive listeners can seek refuge and find peace.

Presented by: Wunderkinder – German Music Talent