Luxembourg Sounds Like… Virtual Edition!

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Even though there will be no “Luxembourg Sounds Like…” showcase live and in color at the Reeperbahn Festival this year due to the pandemic, we don’t want to deprive you of the creative power of our beautiful neighboring country. Even more: The virtual edition will introduce you to fresh artists you rarely get to see otherwise. The acts will present themselves in an incredible cinematic live performance, produced locally by Unison Studios, which you can stream into your living room.

The three cornerstones of the programme could not be more diverse: The eccentrically electrifying soul-pop of a CHAiLD, the highly atmospheric reinterpretations of the jazz genre from the pen of KLΞIИ and the psych-rockers of TUYS, which expand the consciousness in the best sense of the word, will make the 2020 edition something very special.

This showcase will be continuously available as Video On Demand.

00:08 / KLΞIИ
06:00 / CHAiLD
09:45 / TUYS

Presented by: music:LX, Luxembourg Export Office