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Among them are Frida Gold, who is excited about the upcoming Reeperbahn Festival and the opportunity to play her new album live, and Alin Coen, who played at the Reeperbahn Festival twice and is attending OPEN DOORS this year. He will also meet actor Wilson Gonzales, who will be on tour at the festival as every year – this year he will be wearing a mask, disinfectant and with a slightly less tight schedule and McFitti will talk about his hope to play his planned “Autoscooter” tour 2021. Markus Kavka talks to the managing director and founder of the Reeperbahn Festival Alexander Schulz about the signal effect of this year’s festival and to what extent the whole world is looking to Hamburg at the moment. He also talks to the host of the DOORS OPEN SHOW Jörg Thadeusz about the cooperation with Mel C.