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Calling your debut album Betrüger (fraud), going on tour with Ton Steine Scherben shortly after and then tearing down stages at the big festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park? If there’s something like a perfect career trajectory in German-language punk, then Milliarden have checked all the boxes. Raspy-voiced Ben Hartmann und multi-instrumentalist Johannes Aue have helped German rock back into the spotlight of prestige without becoming guilty of selling out. That’s the last thing that comes to mind when listening to their songs, which can even integrate indie vibes or a rough retro affinity. This is music that uncompromisingly hammers away at the status quo and pulls no punches, not only when hitting against the excesses of capitalism and corruption, but also against the complacency that we, the billions, display when we accept all of the above. High time for someone to address that – loudly.