Hey cutie, wanna see my Goldnagel? Sexism and discrimination in the corporate culture of agencies

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Boom. That hit the spot. (Almost) unexpectedly the agency world was caught up in a loud debate about sexism and discrimination. What began as unpleasant plagiarism of ideas story quickly developed into a topic that not only makes individual actors but almost the entire industry “tremble”. Apparently there is a cultural or structural problem in the world of agencies when it comes to sexism and discrimination. But not only here: The “agency problem” is a cross-sectoral one and certainly does not only affect the world of advertisers.

Therefore we’re asking: Why does such a corporate or industry culture develop? And how do you actually get out of it?

This session will be held in German.


Charlotte Richter-Kiewning, Founder & CEO, THE DISTRIQT MEDIA, Germany


Benedikt Holtappels (GGH MullenLowe, CEO, DE)