Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Germany

Dustin Christ, Luk, Loki, Negroman – so what is actually his name? Well, all of the above. The rapper from the German city of Mainz isn’t about to squeeze his identity into one small set of characters and leave it at that. In addition to collaborating with his colleagues Knowsum and Eloquent, recording various features and reading the writings of Deleuze and Derrida, Negroman has combined the personal with the political since his 2016 debut and rapped about late-capitalist absurdities, femaleness as a revolutionary trait and the multiplicity of the body. That’s some heavy stuff, but it’s also an enjoyable listen, as last year’s album Cuck proved once more with oodles of flow and humor. Laid-back abstraction with beats that contain traces of funk and jazz, at the same time taking swings at the status quo without even raising his voice – this artist performs German rap at a level that is still all too rare.