Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Germany

Niels Frevert is a legitimate founding father of German indie rock, having released the debut album of his band Nationalgalerie, Heimatlos, almost 30 years ago (thirty!) in 1991. Since the late nineties, he has also worked as a solo singer-songwriter. Whether he releases on Motor Music, Tapete, or Herbert Grönemeyer’s Grönland Records: With loving attention to lyrical detail, Frevert has enriched the German-speaking music landscape with deep, yet unpretentious works such as Seltsam öffne mich (2003), Paradies der gefälschten Dinge (2014), and last year’s Putzlicht. His artistic curiosity is still alive and kicking, he still has an urge to express his innermost and to keep on keeping on. Thankfully, because that means we he will come back to play for us after more than a decade off the Reeperbahn.