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They’re actually from various countries all over the globe, but they found each other through social media as well as analog bulletin boards in supermarkets and universities: The story of the now Berlin-based People Club sounds easier than it was. Founded in 2017, the five-piece developed its dreamy slacker style via many jam sessions and even more influences, which their first EP Kil Scott gives the time and space to grow. Indie charm and surf rock embrace in the shadow of soul, with Sarah Martin’s vocals spreading a dreamy blanket over it all. According to the girls and boys of the Club, who hail from Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand, their sound is like eating cherry ice cream with Nelson Mandela and Freddie Mercury at a Zanzibar beach, with a side of menthol cigarettes and a clear, starry sky. In case you can’t quite imagine what that might sound like, you should simply check them out live on our stage in September.