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Scientist, Artist, Author & Activist / Lady Bitch Ray

Dr. Reyhan Şahin, also known to many as “Lady Bitch Ray”, is a full-time scientist, rapper, performance artist, journalist, fashion designer, education consultant and author. She studied general linguistics, German language and literature and educational science in Bremen and received her doctorate in 2012 in linguistics on the meaning system of the Muslim headscarf in Germany. Her dissertation “The meaning of the Muslim headscarf” is the first comprehensive study in this field and was awarded the German Study Prize in 2013. She is currently doing her habilitation on the subject of right-wing populism, new rights, Islam, anti-Semitism and gender. In 2012 she published her feminist pamphlet “Bitchsm” (VS-Verlag /Panini Books), in which she dealt early on with intersectional (queer) feminist issues, such as Islamic feminism, hip hop and feminism in Germany and related them to her own biography.

Her most recently published books are: “Yalla, Feminism!” (9/2019 by Tropen/Klett Cotta) and “Lady Bitch Ray about Madonna” (04/2020 by Kiepenheuer&Witsch)