Music / Indie / Germany

When a band is consistently hailed as having that summery Beach Boys tan and a certain Beatles-like pop appeal, then it’s time to listen. Comparisons like these aren’t uttered regularly anyway, but in the case of Shybits, they’re actually even valid for once – without the band trying to imitate anyone. The Berlin-based trio is as cosmopolitan as it gets: Guitarist and singer Liam is from Brighton, bass player and fellow singer Piero is Italian, and the rhythmically surefooted drummer Meg is South African. Together they craft a kind of feel-good rock that really recalls certain hippie vibes on the one hand, but also the garage guitars of the nineties on the other. In other words: the perfect soundtrack for chilling at the lake. They keep this style up on the latest single “Skin Float”, including a wonderful vintage video by Andreya Casablanca of Gurr. Best enjoyed at high volumes!