Is everyone crazy – except us, of course? | WORD

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A joint look at the world of today by taz and BILD.

The Corona pandemic has brought a new seriousness to talk shows and public debate.
At the same time, since Trump’s election victory, many have the impression that everything is becoming increasingly insane.
Politics, society and the media are struggling to cope with a changed world in which printed editorials “lead” only a few boomers, the young are acting in a different communication and thinking system anyway, and in communication networks the emotion algorithms are jumping up and down by themselves. Greta Thunberg, Luisa Neubauer, Boris Palmer, Lisa Eckhart – in the name of morality, people are hated from the right as well as from the left. Depending on your perspective, BILD or taz could never be as bad as a Twitter mob that has been created by chance. What to do? Paul Ronzheimer, deputy editor-in-chief of BILD, and Peter Unfried, chief reporter of the taz, jointly analyse the state of the world.

The session will be held in German.

Paul Ronzheimer, Deputy editor-in-chief, BILD Zeitung, Germany
Peter Unfried, Chief Reporter, taz – die tageszeitung, Germany

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Founder, Green Music Initiative, Germany