Music / Indie / Berlin, Germany

With her idiosyncratic twist on the sound that once wowed the world as Neue Deutsche Welle, Sofia Portanet already shone at last year’s Reeperbahn Festival. The Kiel native, who grew up in Paris and now lives in Berlin, has sugary-sweet retro synths murmur around slender post-punk guitars and a voice that is elegantly reminiscent of Kate Bush, Edith Piaf and even Siouxsie Sioux – but never without breaking the mold. As a self-confessed admirer of Krautrock bands such as Neu!, the aesthetics of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and French avantgarde projects in the vein of Les Rita Mitsouko, it’s no surprise: Sofia Portanet cultivates inspirations of a beautiful past, but rides her own wave into the future as an original artist. Her upcoming debut album is sure to leave its mark on that future.