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Inspired by political bands such as The Clash, Ska-P and especially Mano Negra, Talco have brought high-octane ska punk with Italian folk influences to the stage since the turn of the millennium, in a style that they named “Patchanka” after Mano Negra’s first album. Equipped with boundless energy and a good dose of humor, the passionate musicians manage to pour serious political topics into powerful sing-along anthems that turn their concerts into escalating spectacles where the line between band and audience begins to blur. Community is what matters most here. The brass section, consisting of saxophone and trombone, explodes together with guitars and vocals that are bursting with energy and zest for life – a musical manifesto against the perverted neoliberal status quo, if you will. In Hamburg, the band has had a special standing ever since the release of the ska anthem “St. Pauli” for the soccer club of the same name, ensuring a warm and loud welcome whenever Talco come to town. They have always been a musical monument to anti-fascist or anti-imperialist action – and that’s exactly what they will continue to be.