The show must go on!

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Possibilities of dealing with musicians at risk of addiction

Even in difficult Corona times, the motto is: The show must go on! The own existence must be secured and the musical direction must be found. A path that – even without a pandemic – is challenging and difficult to follow. In tough life situations, it is also difficult to stay creative and not to rush. The danger is that mind-altering substances become even more important. Because even without a lockdown, psychotropic substances already played an important role and led to a swan song by prominent musicians.

The addiction therapists Andreas Böggering and Christiane Wiesner give an introduction to the topic. They deal controversially with the particularities of musicians with addictions in order to develop strategies and recommendations for action, at best to expand their own personal basic attitude.

The discours is aimed at all those who have regular personal contact with musicians.

This session is held in German.