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Round four with Westside Music Sweden – 2020 the first time digital. Once again this year, our partner from the land of endless forests will be bringing along a selection of three up-and-coming projects that will give the musically vibrant region in and around Gothenburg a voice on the international music industry stage.

The platform Westside Music Sweden, consisting of three dozen indie agencies and artists*, will also host Viva Sounds, a combination of club festival and intimate music conference, which will take place in Gothenburg on 4th and 5th of December.

Here in Hamburg, they will present one true sound innovation after another from the west of Sweden with the still-underground songwriter Lisa Wanloo, the synthpop trio Janice Prix and Tomma Intet’s longing to break boundaries.

Independent music, major sounds.

This showcase will be continuously available as Video On Demand.

00:09 / Lisa Wanloo
10:32 / Tomma Intet
23:02 / Janice Prix

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