Music / Pop, Singer-Songwriter / Denmark

It all started with her father’s passion for his record collection and nifty hi-fi systems. This sparked not only Tina Dico’s love for listening to music, but especially her eagerness to make music. In her early youth, one thing led to another: She wrote her first songs on the family piano; at the age of 15, she netted some successes at smaller talent shows and became the lead singer of her own band; at 20, she was in the sights of one of Denmark’s biggest record labels. But the headstrong singer-songwriter didn’t want to be controlled by others, so in 2000, she simply founded her own label, Finest Gramophone, where she has released all of her albums. Thanks to her intimate and carefully balanced records, she came to be seen as the face of Danish folk pop. She pocketed gold, platinum and awards almost in passing, played Europe’s largest festivals and 2018’s Fastland placed her at the top of her home country’s charts. But the lady with the highly expressive voice already had an international presence by then. And when she plays for us this year, she will once again prove how well-deserved that is.

Presented by: ARTE Concert, Music Export Denmark