Music / Pop / United Kingdom

In 2017 Tom Gregory started his music career with the Hamburg label Kontor Records. The young Brit had his first gig at Reeperbahn Festival in the same year. Since then, the musician’s career ladder has been climbing steeply. His single “Small Steps” reached number three in the airplay charts in 2019 and Tom also drew attention in Austria and Switzerland. The follow-up single “Fingertips” is not only a successful love song about making music and an instant YouTube hit that has been clicked a million times and that hardly anyone had expected. More than 100 million streams later Tom Gregory is back at the Reeperbahn Festival. Here, where it all began, he is now celebrating the release of his debut album Heaven In A World So Cold, which will be released in September. His unmistakable timbre, the powerful beats of earworm singles such as “Rather Be You” and the impressive dedication with which this man pursues his musical vision speak a clear language: Don’t give up; keep going even if you are the only one who believes.