Zukunftsmusik – new possibilities due to Corona

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Real virtual diversity

Zukunftsmusiker (musicians of the future) Mathilda Adamik and Tim Zimmermann, Josephine Hübner of Fridays For Future, concert manager Luanny Tiago, and crossover artist and cultural scientist Vlatka Alec enter into conversation with moderator Frank Sonder and  producer Christian Ogrinz, who is also the initiator of Zukunftsmusik.

ZUKUNFTSMUSIK initially began as an open round of discussions and gradually developed into a music workshop in which the protagonists benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences. From the very start, the aim was to develop, discover, and invent new music and to blend existing genres, formats, and concepts — with an eye focused on current world affairs. The ZUKUNFTSMUSIKER have already produced a joint 7-track EP of their own compositions and are currently working on a fusion of virtual and real formats for the youth edition of Most Wanted: Music on November 5, 2020.

ZUKUNFTSMUSIK is a collaboration by ZUKUNFTSMUSIKER with the Berlin Music Commission, Sound Dogma Berlin, the Landesmusikrat Berlin, Vincentino—Kultur macht Kinder stark in Berlin along with Turning Tables Germany, and is supported by the Bundesverband Pop.

The session will be held in German.